Quality Control

Declaration of Conformity

All of our products carry the CE mark, a legal requirement for any lighting product sold in the EU. Our declaration of conformity is your guarantee that our products satisfy the requirements of all mandatory, safety and performance regulations. You can download our declaration of conformity documents on each product page.

BSI Certification

We are BSI certified and ISO 9001 accredited. As such we constantly monitor quality in all areas of the business. We are an active member of the LIA, with all of our design, engineering and technical managers having completed the LIA Advanced Certificate. Our Design Director is also an elected member of the LIA Council.

Quality Control

Incoming components are checked for quality as they arrive, these checks include visual checks such as colour and quality of finish, measurement checks on machined components and gear housings before they are put into stock.

Finished products are checked following the end of line testing before they are sent for packaging, a final check is also performed following packaging.

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