Photometric Testing

Using our goniophotometer, we measure the distribution of emitted light from our products at various angles. This information is then published on our website in a EULUMDAT file (.ldt).

Our integrating sphere is used to test colour, quality of light, lumen output, spectral distribution, colour rendering, CCT and flicker.

Using the above data we establish Unified Glare Ratio (UGR) and luminous efficacy.


Thermal Testing

We ensure that our products conform to BS EN 60598-1:2015 and are tested at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees and up to 35 degrees wherever possible, this ensures that our stated product life figures are guarranteed as a minimum.


Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC) is a series of tests carried out to ensure that Martech’s products can function without creating electromagnetic interference with other electrical devices.

EMC testing covers three main classes emissions, susceptibility and immunity. These areas ensure that our products do not interfere with other devices and, in turn, are not affected by other devices.

This testing is an essential part of the CE mark, in European law, manufacturers of electronic devices are advised to run EMC tests in order to comply with compulsory CE-labelling. EU directive 2014/30/EC on EMC defines the rules for the distribution of electric devices within the European Union.

Failure to comply could result in a fine or custodial sentence.

Contract branded luminaires

End of Line Testing

During production the following tests are carried out on each fitting - earth continuity, flash test, insulation test and a full function test using equipment specifically designed for testing luminaires to the latest safety standards.

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