Illumination Integration

Enhance your products with a little illumination


Supporting manufacturers outside the lighting industry to bring lighting as a component into everyday products.

We listen and discuss options before designing products or components that meet your products' specific space or needs.
All of our products are fully tested for safety, compliance and performance before assembly commences.
Products are manufactured to order here in the UK and are ready to be integrated into your products.

Working together

A partnership of two specialist manufacturers, enhancing your products with illumination.

Light is not only used for sight but also has emotional influences and can draw people's attention. LEDs (light emitting diodes) have made lighting much more flexible than old traditional bulbs or tubes, however it can be a minefield with all the performance options and technical choices now available. We use our skills and knowledge as a general lighting manufacturer to bring the right illumination option, in the right component form, to your finished product.

What we do

Add value to your product with illumination integration.

We would relish the opportunity to discuss with you any projects you are working on where a little illumination would help. Here are some examples of our work:

  • Vertical window blinds – Integrated illumination in a custom metal extrusion
  • Bus and smoking shelter – Integrated custom ambient lighting components
  • Bed headboards – Bespoke linear fitting with acrylic headboard
  • Acoustic pods, meeting rooms and personal pods – Custom designed fittings
  • Shelf lights – Flexible, high colour rendering lights specifically for breads
  • Handrails – Exterior ingress-protected warm white LED kits
  • Lift shafts – Plug & socket system with integrated service and emergency lighting
  • Bespoke ambient lighting solution for MRI scanner suite manufacturer

Contact Us

If you have products that would benefit from a little illumination, please get in touch so we can discuss some options with you..

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