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Converting your luminaires from behind the scenes
This service uses our dedicated assembly lines and skilled staff to convert and re-test your standard luminaires to meet specific on-site demands before returning them to you or sending them directly to the site.

With a growing number of emergency types and brands now available, it's difficult to cover all bases, all the time. We also have a growing potential customer base importing fixed-output products from the Far East or having products arriving from a European HQ. On occasions, these fittings need to be adapted to on-site or specific project requirements.

So, whether it's a basic emergency conversion, using components from a choice of leading manufacturers, converting fixed output to DALI, fixed output to Bluetooth, or simply adding plug & socket connectors, we are here to help
ISO 9001
BSi accredited

Agility and flexibility

We understand the challenges and opportunities facing modern day OEMs. We are here to help and support from behind the scenes by bringing compliance, agility and flexibility to your product portfolio.

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