supporting WEEE registered OEMs with products and services for over 25 years

Our Mission

To support our customers from behind the scenes, with white-label products and labour-based services that meet the demands of their own customers' projects and opportunities.

OEM Products


A large range of recessed downlights for a multitude of applications, incorporating a variety of LED modules, styles, accessories and lighting technologies.

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A range of modern surface mounted products designed to deliver quality, performance and integral technologies to solid or exposed ceiling applications.

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A range of performance and decorative suspended luminaires delivering quality illumination and modern technologies in a mix of ambient and task lighting styles.

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A collection of wall lights in a variety of styles and designs, developed to deliver comfort and practicality to a lighting design and finished application.

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A comprehensive range of commercial recessed lighting products designed for a wide range of office, workspace and education applications.

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A collection of professional linear luminaires delivering lines of light in a mix of contemporary and practical styles.

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A collection of multi-purpose, multi-directional professional luminaires incorporating today's latest LED technologies.

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A range of emergency luminaires, systems and signage products delivering a mix of modern, contemporary and practical styles.

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Product variations

Being a British manufacturer, we have the ability and agility to allow you to tune a standard product to meet a specific aesthetic or installation requirement.

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Custom Products

Can't find what you're looking for? We are able to design, test and manufacture bespoke compliant products to suit your specific requirements.

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We have a range of connectors and housings to use in your own assemblies, as well as being stockists and resellers of industry components.

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OEM Services

British manufacturing and assembly services

A modern range of OEM labour-based services and skill sets, designed to support you and your operations from behind the scenes with today's challenges and opportunities.

Renew & Reuse

Supporting you and the circular economy with sustainability services by refurbishing old luminaires from site and bring them back to light on your behalf.

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Employer assembling product
Sub-contract assembly

Your luminaire, your components, assembled your way utilising our purpose-built production lines and end-of-line testers. A 'piece rate' service you can turn on and off like a tap.

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A 'labour-based' service for OEMs designed to convert your product from standard to emergency, DALI, or adapt it to meet the requirements of a detailed lighting specification.

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3D printing

Additive manufacturing and producing less waste are key to our business. Our on-site 3D printers at your service and ready to print your design, concepts or replacement part.

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Employer setting up photo shoot in the studio
Marketing support

Make use of our in-house photographic studio and experienced photographers to produce high quality product images for use in your own marketing materials.

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Cable assembly

Your cable pre-cut and prepared for your production line by us.

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Laser cutting

Use our laser cutting service for acrylic or polycarbonate sheet cut to specific sizes and shapes. We can also etch your branding or decorative patterns onto glass, plastic or metalwork.

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Product variations

Being a British manufacturer, we have the ability and agility to tune any standard catalogue product to meet your specific aesthetic or installation requirement.

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Custom products

Can't find what you're looking for? Want something unique to you? We are able to design, test and manufacture bespoke compliant products that suit your specific requirements.

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Products manufactured per day on average
4 Days
Average production lead time
MOQ = 1
Minimum order quantity
Craig Marney
Managing director


"When we first started Martech in 1995, the goal was simple; to support OEMs with branded downlights and offer product variations to meet the needs of detailed lighting specifications.

Today the challenges and opportunities facing OEMs are different but do still exist. For this reason, our products and services have evolved with the primary goal of supporting OEMs from behind the scenes remaining the same."

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