• All of our products are fully tested to meet British & EU standards

    On site test laboratories cover photometry, thermal, flicker and EMC

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  • IP65 sealed bezel

    Available across our full range of ø130mm downlights

  • 152 Series

    Transform traditional
    suspended ceilings with
    this contemporary
    600 x 600 modular

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Martech UK Ltd has been designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality luminaires to OEMs since 1996. From humble beginnings, our portfolio of clients has grown to include most of the biggest names in the lighting industry. Contract branding is our speciality.

Our extensive collection of LED, CFL and HID luminaires is ready and waiting to be part of your range. You give us your logo and we'll give you your branded product. Our goal is to ensure that you never have to say 'no' to your customer.

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